sig0namectl beta announced at Freifunk Berlin

‘Freifunk’ is the largest community wireless network in Germany with many thousands of participants across the country.

Freifunk participants have no easy way to offer and find online resources within the local network. sig0namectl is a standards-based solution designed to solve that issue!

Marlen Caemmerer (a.k.a. nosy), DNS administrator at Freifunk, joined Mathias Jud and Adam Burns from the sig0namectl project to announce the beta deployment of sig0namectl at

Diving into the details, the audience was given a brief introduction into how the Internet’s DNS system works and how the DNSSEC security extensions make sure that DNS is reliable and trustworthy.

Marlen then gave a brief summary of DNSSEC deployment at freifunk, and further announced that sig0namectl is now live as a beta service.

Adam gave a detailed explanation of how the sig0namectl service works under the hood.

Mathias then took over to give a live demonstration of an early version of our first demo workflow - interactive maps of groups of device locations updated independently by each device in the network.

Using sig0namectl, each member of Freifunk can define a group of a list of map markers (each defined and updated by their seperate owners). Anyone can view these groups as they are updated in real time.

No database and no webserver is required for this demo. Mathias demonstrated a tiny piece of HTML and Javascipt that enables viewing of dynamics groups of map markers that are updated in realtime.

You can follow the presentation here:

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